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About Sazón
About Sazon

Respecting Tradition

Sazón was founded in 2018 however, the arepa culture that we represent goes back many generations. We are extremely proud to be offering a product of exceptional quality, purity and with no preservatives or additives. From the very start, our focus has been on responsible production, respecting both our clients and our planet, resulting in a product that demonstrates these values with its delicious flavour.

How We Are Different

Products imported into Europe from South America spend about 5 to 6 weeks on a boat. Afterwards, they sit in some storehouse for a while until eventually getting distributed out. That’s a looooong time for a basic food item.

Mass-produced under different standards, for these food items to make it to your plate in relatively ok shape they have to be treated with a bunch of artificial chemicals to keep them “fresh”.

Sazón products are made right here in Germany, in accordance with German food safety regulations. We guarantee our clients a truthful, natural, and chemical-free product that you can feel comfortable enjoying with your family.

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